vrijdag 1 mei 2009

Multifestijn Festival

This year you will experience MultiFestijn Festival global! The theme of MultiFestijn 2009 is "ENJOY THE DIVERSITY”. The Netherlands is diverse. We can no longer ignore this. MultiFestijn offers this year space for art, culture, meetings, exhibitions and discussions for the visitors. During the festival you will recognize the differences and find the connections in the event halls (Voordorphal and Tuindorphal) in Utrecht. Moreover, together with Istanbul pavilion grand bazaar exhibitions, Mediterranean cuisine, and beautiful Islamic art and culture, you have for hours enjoyment and pleasure. Experience on the MultiFestijn 2009 the famous Ebru art of old masters and follow the development of harmony in the colours. Let the craft artists stimulate the imagination and admire the diversity of contemporary art. Visit our website regularly, because this is the place for all developments.