zondag 28 juni 2009

Conference: Early language learning

SAVE THE DATE: Brussels 24-25
September 2009

This Conference is the launching event of a campaign on early language learning. The aim of the conference is to identify and raise awareness of the benefits of early language learning and to discuss the related challenges. The Conference is expected to demonstrate the benefits of early language learning as well as to present examples of good practice to counter prejudices relating to early language learning. Experts will provide advice on the best conditions for achieving results in early language learning.

The main themes of the Conference will be: the state of the art of research on language acquisition in early childhood, existing good practice in early language learning and language learners with special needs. The target audience of the Conference are experts researching in early language learning and representatives of initiatives and authorities working in this field as well as delegates from relevant associations of stakeholders such as educators and parents. The conference languages will be English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.