dinsdag 29 december 2009

Project Syndicate in 8 languages


Project Syndicate is a voluntary, member-based institution. Its mission is to: bring the highest quality commentaries and analysis by the world’s most distinguished voices to local audiences everywhere; and strengthen the independence of printed and electronic media in transition and developing countries.

As of December 2009, Project Syndicate membership included 433 leading newspapers in 150 countries. Financial contributions from member papers in advanced countries support the services provided by Project Syndicate free of charge or at reduced rates to members in developing countries. Additional support comes from the Politiken Foundation and the Open Society Institute.

Project Syndicate provides the world’s foremost newspapers with exclusive commentaries by prominent leaders and opinion makers. It currently offers 39 monthly series and one weekly series of columns on topics ranging from economics to international affairs to science and philosophy.

Project Syndicate is committed to maintaining the broad intellectual scope and global reach that readers need to understand the issues and choices shaping their lives. As a result, Project Syndicate's commentators reflect the world in all its variety of professions, national and cultural backgrounds, and political perspectives.