zaterdag 24 april 2010

Paul likes languages

"I like languages. In school I learnt Latin, Spanish and German. On tour I have good translators that I work with. They translate what I want to say to the audience, I write it down and learn it. In 2005, mayor Annie Brouwer invited me and Heather to Utrecht. I was telling her how I like to speak to the crowd, and I said I was going to say 'Geachte dames en heren, het is mij een eer hier te zijn'. She said 'Don't say that, say "Wat ongelooflijk mieters dat jullie er allemaal zijn". It means "Hi guys".' She said it's much cooler. Talk about how things have changed. For years the Dutch wouldn't let you sing in Dutch, and now they're coming to your gig and they're giving you language lessons on the side. I love it."